The Prices Write

The Prices Write

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Brooklyn: Our Independent 2 Year Old

As I watched Brooklyn walk up onto the jumper at Good Times Park today by herself without falling and jump around independently without wanting anyone with her I had one of those she's growing up too fast moments. She has developed quite the independent streak that I love m but makes me feel sentimental. Like an I'm so happy you're growing up and becoming independent and developing into the amazing person I want to you to become but I want you to stay little forever kind of feeling. 

Her most used phrase has become "I do it." She chooses her own outfits and gets dressed with very little help. She knows right from wrong and tries so hard to make good choices. If we get to the point of counting with her she'll usually come running over by the time we hit 3 saying "I'm a good listener, I'm a good listener."

She's not one for chaos and commotion and will usually find a quiet place to play alone if there are too many kids around. When our cousins were visiting for New Years I kept finding her sneaking away with me when I'd go to my bedroom to feed or rock Boston. She is my little sidekick and it makes me feel so loved.

Her nature is one of love and nurturing. She helps me take care of Boston by being the first to notice and wipe up his spit ups and running to his aid if he's ever crying saying "he needs his mommy."

You are such a special girl, sis, and we sure do love you so very much!

Winter, part 1

Our winter started off so mild and warm. We were able to go outside most days into December and enjoyed lots of extra days on walks and at the zoo. The first snowfall came around Christmas but the cold temps didn't hit until mid-January. If every winter in Minnesota were like this we'd be golden.

Boston: 3 Months and Blessing Day

Boston, you continue to be a dream come true and the sweetest little guy. You sleep through the night and smile at everyone who comes your way. You prefer cat naps during the day unless you fall asleep in your car seat. You will sleep there for hours at a time. We call you our little jumper because we have to hold on tight with both hands when holding you otherwise you'll fling your body backwards out of our arms. You can support your head and look around at what's going on around you. You've discovered your hands and love sucking on them.

Your blessing day was beautiful and your dad gave you the sweetest blessing. We all love you so very much, sweet boy.